Friday, July 11, 2008

First Post, and Baby Book

Hi guys. This is Coyote, or MistaCat, or whatever you want to call me. I hope to be clever enough to keep this blog for at least a couple of years, as I think it will help me record important information, or at least information I'll be happy to have in another 20 years.

I'm not going to go over the details of my pregnancy up to now. At this point we should only have a couple of weeks to go, but could have as much as a month. Until the little boy is here, this will be a pregnancy blog--so expect to hear about cravings, muscle aches, emotions and such things.

I would like to direct your attention now to the little link at the bottom of the post which says "Comments". Please, click that, and post comments! I like comments and they're a good way to communicate with me if that is your goal :)

I plan to make a physical baby book. I've got the design and materials in mind, but I need help with the content. Please, using that wonderful comment button, let me know what you think would be good things to put into a baby book. I've looked online for guidelines, and no one seems to have any. I've looked at commercial baby books, and I like them, and would like to have one to copy from, but they're at least $17 and $17 will buy quite a few diapers. So! Help me out. What would you like to see in your own baby book, from when you were a baby? Or your baby's, if you have one?


Lorinda said...

Some important info to include in any baby book. 1. Day and Date of birth. 2. Length and weight at birth. 3. Hair color (if any) and eye color. 4. Your impressions on first meeting your son. 5. Family tree.
I also enjoy lots of photographs in baby books. Good luck with your new family.


Nouslogos said...

I second what Lorinda said. You want day and date of birth, length and weight at birth, physical description, lots of photographs. I was also thinking using some non toxic paint or plaster paris you could include his first foot prints or hand prints, his first lock of hair from his first hair cut, quotes from his favorite stories. Maybe a piece of fabric from his first baby blanket. Favorite toys, first word, I'm getting long winded here.

Mostly a baby book is a special momento, something you, Brian and the baby can look back on when he is older (like 15 and bringing home his first girlfriend) So fill it full of the memories you have.

Kacy said... book. The only thing I can think of that I would have wanted to see in my baby book was how my parents felt after the first time they saw me. Also don't forget the time of birth (very important in case of future astrological charts) Things that pop up. Maybe not make it a baby book as so much of a growing up book. I wish I had written down alot of the things I did as a child, like my first sport, when I learned to walk, my first day of school, things like that.

Cori said...

Those are good suggestions from everyone.

Mine is: birth chart!!

TabbieKatt said...

I've always kinda liked the idea of showing before and after... Pic of you all preggers and maybe even the sonogram along with the first pic of him outside in the big world. And maybe first impressions or words of love from other family members as well as your own.

This blog is a great idea and maybe you could put some of this stuff in there too.

I second the idea of it being a growing up book. Birthdays, first day at school, first con, first steps, first word, first X-mas, favorite song, favorite book, favorite toy or stuffed animal... You have to make sure to take some embarrassing bathtime pics to show to that girlfriend when he's 15. :)

*hugs* to you guys and the muffin!

Anonymous said...

Here is Elijah's Zodiac Chart!

Congrats! Sonja

Lea Setegn said...

After my Mom's death this year, I went through my brothers' baby books to finish compiling them for her. (I still can't find what she did with mine._ I was amazed at what she had recorded about their first words, first birthdays, who came to see them in the hospital, and what people said when they first saw the babies. As an adult, all those things had meaning for me. Especially the first birthday memories. I wish she had done birthdays up through the age of 5 -- that would have been great.

~ Lea, Jess' fiance