Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mostly Communication


Brian and I are definitely intending to use ASL to communicate with our son before he can speak, but I'm wondering also about nonverbal communication systems that are used with autistic children, such as PECS. Can a baby perhaps communicate even earlier by pointing to pictures? Is that a skill that might develop before the ability to use hand signs?

There seems to be an understanding in the world of working with autistic children that a lot of the undesirable behaviour--such as aggression and meltdowns--comes from an inability to communicate, and so alternate forms of communication are developed. Why is this not more routinely done in the world of normal children?


I had an appointment with one of the midwives, today. Laura. Laura is great; she's tiny and energetic. I hope she's the one on call when I go into labour. She told me to get Evening Primrose Oil in capsules and take 3 of them, 3 times a day. Ugh. I HATE swallowing pills, but if it's considered helpful, I'll do it.

She confirmed that the baby is indeed running out of room to dance. I was amused.

Otherwise, today, I've slept, eaten a lot of bad pizza, and mostly just sat around, writing long journal entries in a private journal. And cold water is a godsend.

Baby Book

I bought a baby book to copy from, and a notebook to copy into. I need to install Photoshop on my laptop and do some page designs to put into it. We also got a calendar sort of thing designed for tracking baby's first year; it's cute but not overly cute. It has realistic rather than cartoonish animals on it.

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