Monday, April 19, 2010

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It's naptime, and Elijah brought one of his train cars to bed. He waved it around for the first three and a half minutes of nursing, but as his eyes started to close, he set the train car down on his chest, between us, and rested his hand on me. He's in a mood today because of diaper rash, but this cuddle time is welcome. He'll be asleep when Winamp makes the transition from Suzanne Vega to The Sisters of Mercy.


A week ago, in the car, he was exhausted and angry at being restrained, and screamed and screamed and screamed, refusing to fall asleep. I put on his sleep playlist (thank goodness for cell phones that play music!), and he screamed through the first two Suzanne Vega songs. As soon as the first Sisters of Mercy song started, he stopped screaming, listened for fifteen seconds, made an annoyed fussy sound, and closed his eyes. He was fully asleep. I don't think he even stirred when he was removed from the car seat and carried over Daddy's shoulder.


Toddler breakfast these days may include a bowl of Cheerios, two bananas, three clementines and some cheese. He loves to eat.

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