Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outside Moment

I wish I could get pictures, but it's dark outside.

I brought the rug from the master bedroom outside and laid it out in the front yard, to get rained on and to have the sun beat down on it. It needs a good cleaning.

Elijah laid down on it and said he was going to sleep. "Goodnight, Mom. See you tomorrow!"

So we brought blankets and pillows out, and we are now lying down on the rug in the front yard, wrapped in a big Little Einsteins comforter and enjoying bedtime.

I need to thank my mediciation, and FlyLady, and Al-Anon. Before all of that, I would never have let this happen.

Thank you for this moment.

"Cloud fly high up in the sky. Going fast."

"Elijah's scared. It's dark out here."

"Elijah warm." "Elijah's warm?" "Right."


This didn't last too long; he decided he wanted water, and to go inside. So now he's in his room, playing with trains until he's ready to go to sleep. But it was such a wonderful moment.

I love my boy.

Mama Coyote

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