Sunday, March 6, 2011

Personal - Feel free to skip over

I have Asperger's. It's extremely mild so it isn't too much of a problem (until I get into a romantic relationship).

I also get paranoid and anxious about the fragility of life and how easily a life can be taken by random chance.

If I tell someone about my problems (which number far more than listed above), I don't want to hear about their problems or how they know how I feel, because (READER ADVISORY: TEENAGE ANGST IMMINENT) they don't. They don't see the world how I see it, they see it with their own perceptions.

Don't tell me how you know how I feel.

Don't tell me it's "normal" because "normal" is a construct of modern society, which is as fluid and mercurial as the pattern (or lack thereof) of gas molecule movement.

Just tell me things will be alright.

I just want to know things will be alright.

I can't stand losing anyone I love.


Dan.Eliot said...
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Mama Coyote said...

I will try to remember this. Thank you.

So much love <3