Friday, October 23, 2009

? Hi...

I have no idea where to start this post.

There are doctors in my future, and I'll be okay.

But! Elijah now has SHOES! And he knows the signs for 'stop' and 'go' and 'bike' and 'drink'. Signing Time is the best thing EVER.

Elijah also has more teeth coming in, and these are hurting him even more than the ones before.

Global Food Warehouse is also an amazing place. Lemongrass! Aloe! Aisles and aisles of rice and tofu! Stock pots big enough for bodies! Squid! Octopus! Beef heart, pork heart, kidneys, tongue! This place makes me so very happy. And I now have sticky rice (for Elijah), quinoa (to mix with oatmeal and pureed pumpkin and chai spice mix and cream for our breakfast), import ramen, instant pho (heh, THAT should be intersting), and, best of all, konnyaku powder.

How about pictures? That always fixes an otherwise useless post, right?

Naked baby!


"What's the sign for cold?"

Watching Signing Time, our favourite occupation these days.

Sleeping after shots :(

Waiting for shots. Dig those shoes!

He knows his shoes are awesome.

There are very large fish on the wall at the pediatrician's office.

Watching Signing Time, sitting in the chair like a big boy :D

He's learning the joys of the Taggies blanket :)

Nursing and petting Remmy :)

Mama and Babyface :)


Dyannamika said...

Nakie babie!!!

The Wandering Aspie said...

<3 the hoodie

sonja said...

The naked baby picture is great because it is an action pose and he looks like the back of a baby Greek God! All he needs is a discus or something athletic to throw! I bet his signing has made communication a little less frustrating for him. He is such a neat little kid. I love knowing him through your observations! I enjoy hearing about your day-to-day museings - makes me feel like a special guest in your life. I am greedy and want more! LOL!!! No pressure - whatever you want to say is music to me.

Magpie said...

So cute.