Monday, October 12, 2009

Home, and pain, and fun.

My back hurts. And Elijah and I have a cough.

But! The turtle has a heater and a filter and a nice mountain of gravel, and the babyface is no longer freaking out in the middle of the night, and I got Starbucks to give me a large size cup with a small sized drink in it... the rest was filled with whipped cream. It was great :D

Elijah knows approximately 14 signs now. He's made up a couple. And he learned about stealing noses, from Uncle JD.

We're back home now after a week of time spent with Mama Kacy, Uncle Chris, Uncle JD, and Morning-the-puppy. Plus Treble and Meryl the cats. Elijah LOVES the cats.

The coast is good for my joints but apparently bad for our allergies--interesting trade-off.

I might get to pictures and more rambles tomorrow. I might not. We'll see.

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