Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The New Middle-Class Housekeeping: “How I Keep House without a Maid” - I want to take this course! Where's my time machine?

And the "See Also" links at the bottom of the page promise to eat up even more of my time in reading more housekeeping articles...


Elijah is watching a YouTube playlist I set up for him. Right now, there are loud lundehunds yelling at the camera :)


Gymboree is fun. We went for our preview class on Sunday, and went last night to open gym. It was empty at first, and then in the last hour more people showed up. Elijah had a lot of fun following the other kids around and climbing on the climbing stuff. I want to set up a gym in our basement now, with mats and slides and climbing equipment and balls and the big airlog.

I think caffeine is in order. Is this post even coherent? Ugh. Well, I think I'd rather start getting out incoherent posts more often than to continue the way I've been going.

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