Sunday, January 3, 2010


In today's news: Elijah blew on his hot oatmeal to cool it down, at breakfast, and this evening before dinner, he fussed every time an episode of Red Dwarf ended. He fussed until the next episode was playing. Then he would go off and play with his toys again.

Right now, he and Daddy are running through all the signs they know, from "thank you" to "pirate" and "helicopter".

One stalk of bamboo has died, so I now have only 54 stalks of bamboo ;)

My mom has a new cat, and that is awesome.

Peanut-beef stew with rice is tasty.

It's too freakin' cold.

Swearing now results in one five minute time-out per transgression. For me. Not for Elijah, as he is a baby and wouldn't understand. And doesn't swear yet. But! It should be a successful deterrent for me. Hopefully. We'll see.

I have one time-out so far today ;)

And we're moving up to level 4 at Gymboree next week. A whole new set of kids and parents and activities... Wish us luck.

Elijah will be fine. It's me who has trouble with transitions.


The Wandering Aspie said...


Satyrblade said...

Well, shit!

Ooops - one time-out for me. :)

Dude, I'd spend so much time in time-out that I wouldn't have time for anything else!

Grrrr... ;)