Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snippets and commentary.

There's an animal that eats algae and steals algae genes so it can photosyntesize.

It can turn sunlight into energy.

It doesn't need to eat food.

It's an animal that eats sunlight!

Here! Go here! Animal-plant creature!

I want these: BLT Bites

We've been watching Lady and the Tramp. The animation impresses me, the expression on the dogs' faces. There's an excellent, "Shut UP, grrrr!" face on the Scottie when the bloodhound starts talking when Darling might hear. Which is amusing since the humans don't understand the dogs to begin with.

The best thing of all, however, is Elijah sitting in his rocking chair, watching the show.

And he moved his chair so that it was facing the screen, instead of away from it.


Elijah wakes up enough to squirm and rub his face, make a cute little noise, then goes back to sleep.

This morning, he wore a black leather fedora all through breakfast.

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