Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello again.

Well, for a little bit there, I thought I was going to manage to post every day in January... but apparently not. Maybe I'll manage it for February :)

Elijah has been blowing kisses, giving hugs, pointing a lot, trying to babble more. Signing and signing and signing. He's gaining more recognition of the world every day and it's a lot of fun.

He's also discovered a love of frozen waffles. While still frozen.

I still haven't found a food he won't eat, though Kacy's given him asparagus and that didn't go over well. But garlic, mashed potatoes, spicy Thai curry, cheese (and cheese and more cheese), bacon, beef stew, baby corn, hot sauce on eggs? He gobbles it all up, loves it.

And he's learning to put his clothes on. He's figured out socks, and he nearly got his pants on today. He got them up to his thighs, and stood up, but I had to pull them up for him.


As for me, the day's been full of pain, sleep, and Northern Exposure. And love, lots of love--the whole family was here for the weekend. Chris had to head home for job and school related stuff, but Kacy and JD and the cat are still here. I've done nothing of substance today except make coffee and cuddle the baby boy.

And continually threaten to eat Remmy, because he won't stop barking.


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