Friday, February 5, 2010

Cats & Quidditch

One recent morning, when Elijah woke up, before he'd even opened his eyes, he said, "Caaaa!" and signed "cat" very enthusiastically. I wonder if he was dreaming?


We spent two hours at IKEA a few days ago, wandering around, talking, entertaining Elijah and making house plans. I was reminded that I am not a "girl" and this was a perfectly acceptable "date night" sort of thing in my opinion.


I should have so much more to say. E is growing, and learning, and being amazing, every day. He's trying to say "bubble" and "Barjot", and I've completely lost count of how many signs he has. He knows "firefighter" and "store".

Enforcing a bedtime is getting harder and harder. So I just have to try harder. Enforcing a specific naptime might help with that. Consistency?... it's just so hard for me.


Keeping me sane today: Quidditch videos!


All of that said, it's Snowpocalypse time in DC again. We've got hot chocolate, heat, and warm dogs. What preparations have you made for being snowed in all of . . . oh, probably two days? ;)

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