Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Links & Comments & Sentences

Elijah is learning to use sentences. "Fruit please", "chair please", "up please"... with ASL, of course. Although he did attempt to say, as in speak, "Daddy go" when B went out the door yesterday :)

He's done other awesome things lately, too, but I'll have to track down my notes. Meanwhile, have some links.


Clearing out my tabs:

KnowYourMeme - Excellent for those of us who lost track of everything new on the Internet in about 2002...

Alouette - the song is horrible, just in case anyone didn't know ;)

IntefaceLIFT - Awesome desktop wallpapers.

TheSixtyOne - Independent music. Worth checking out.

MomLogic: It's Not Swinging if You're Committed! - A surprisingly positive article on the benefits of poly parenting. I started reading the comments, though, and I shouldn't have--I should have known it would just make me angry ;p

Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's Syndrome - A interesting concept for an organization... it could be useful.

Gayle's Preschool Rainbow: Activities for Toddlers and ToddlerToddler.com: Rainy Days - Both are sites full of activity ideas for toddlers. Keeping an NT child occupied is hard for my AS brain. He doesn't want to spin endlessly or rub tabs between his fingers. What am I to do? These sites help.

Musicovery - This is a distinctly strange way of finding new music...

5 Things Made From Junkyard Scraps - An slideshow of interesting products made from scrap material. Pretty awesome.

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Kristen said...

Hi, I am still loving your bog. I miss when you don't post but I know how busy things get. I keep thinking I should blog/journal if for no reason other than to document this amazing time with my baby, but...ahem.. the busy thing. Anyway, I wanted to ask you a question if you do not find it too nosey or intrusive. Are you still breastfeeding Elijah? If so, how often does he nurse per day at his age/stage? Will you wean or do you think he will self wean...etc ? I am asking to basically get advice from someone who is farther along that journey than myself. My girl is nine months and still BF about 2.5 hours a day. That is actual time nursing. She eats 2 solid food meals per day, lunch and dinner. She always nurses to sleep, so I figure when she weans that will be the last feeding to go followed by the morning feed as she is pretty anxious to nurse on waking as well. I am starting to get pressure from people to wean her which I mostly ignore but can be difficult as one is my mother. She is all about having her drink "regular" milk. As if milk from a cow is more regular than my human milk that was designed for her? Anyway I better not get started on that. gah. Sooo...back to my original point, as someone with nine months more experience, would you be willing to tell or post more on your BF experiences? Thanks so much. You are awesome. Kristen