Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Links & Comments & Sentences

Elijah is learning to use sentences. "Fruit please", "chair please", "up please"... with ASL, of course. Although he did attempt to say, as in speak, "Daddy go" when B went out the door yesterday :)

He's done other awesome things lately, too, but I'll have to track down my notes. Meanwhile, have some links.


Clearing out my tabs:

KnowYourMeme - Excellent for those of us who lost track of everything new on the Internet in about 2002...

Alouette - the song is horrible, just in case anyone didn't know ;)

IntefaceLIFT - Awesome desktop wallpapers.

TheSixtyOne - Independent music. Worth checking out.

MomLogic: It's Not Swinging if You're Committed! - A surprisingly positive article on the benefits of poly parenting. I started reading the comments, though, and I shouldn't have--I should have known it would just make me angry ;p

Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's Syndrome - A interesting concept for an organization... it could be useful.

Gayle's Preschool Rainbow: Activities for Toddlers and ToddlerToddler.com: Rainy Days - Both are sites full of activity ideas for toddlers. Keeping an NT child occupied is hard for my AS brain. He doesn't want to spin endlessly or rub tabs between his fingers. What am I to do? These sites help.

Musicovery - This is a distinctly strange way of finding new music...

5 Things Made From Junkyard Scraps - An slideshow of interesting products made from scrap material. Pretty awesome.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Morning interlude.

We're having pizza rolls and cereal for breakfast. Elijah put a pizza roll down on his high chair tray and enthusiastically signed "pillow".

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random things + Snow

Making This Home: Appreciate Your Imperfect World - This is an awesome post on the idea that Americans apologize too much.


It's not often that people knock on my door. EXCEPT WHEN THE SNOW IS A FOOT DEEP. WTF!

People who have knocked in the last two days:
-UPS man bringing Gevalia order
-guys wanting to shovel the driveway
-neighbour asking if we had a gas can because his was buried in the snow
-more guys wanting to shovel the driveway


Elijah is loving Little Einsteins. He calls Rocket a helicopter, and he goes pat pat pat pat BLAST OFF with them (with his hands, not his voice).

At lunch today, he gobbled up lots of eggs, chorizo, and rice. For dinner, lots of potato and broccoli and cheese.

He gets really excited, with laughing and squealing, when I run up to him and hold out tickle hands.

He likes watching StepMania; he watches the arrows, not me.

He signed "More" at Remmy today when Remmy stopped jumping up and down and running around.

He gives kisses on the lips and he hugs the giant ball.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cats & Quidditch

One recent morning, when Elijah woke up, before he'd even opened his eyes, he said, "Caaaa!" and signed "cat" very enthusiastically. I wonder if he was dreaming?


We spent two hours at IKEA a few days ago, wandering around, talking, entertaining Elijah and making house plans. I was reminded that I am not a "girl" and this was a perfectly acceptable "date night" sort of thing in my opinion.


I should have so much more to say. E is growing, and learning, and being amazing, every day. He's trying to say "bubble" and "Barjot", and I've completely lost count of how many signs he has. He knows "firefighter" and "store".

Enforcing a bedtime is getting harder and harder. So I just have to try harder. Enforcing a specific naptime might help with that. Consistency?... it's just so hard for me.


Keeping me sane today: Quidditch videos!


All of that said, it's Snowpocalypse time in DC again. We've got hot chocolate, heat, and warm dogs. What preparations have you made for being snowed in all of . . . oh, probably two days? ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memory? What memory? aka Marriage

I just had to search my email to find out what date B and I got married, because I kinda-sorta figured the anniversary was coming up but I didn't know if it was one year or two.

I promise that mindset doesn't reflect my devotion to the relationship... it just reflects my confusion that the law cares so much, and also that the baby ate my brain.

On the other hand, I do remember the day itself fondly (except for the migraine), because two friends drove out with us and the reverend lady was very nice and her house was so cute. And we had steak afterwards.

And the vows were nice, too.