Friday, February 11, 2011

January = not cool

I know it's been a while since I posted. January sucked. I find myself missing Ap all the time. It's hard as hell. Fridays suck extra hard -- this is the time that I would be going down to get him. I spent Thursday nights on the couch so I could get up in the morning (I'm a serious night person) and drive the three hours (or more) to get him. And then, on the way back, he and I would joke and laugh. We'd talk over character concepts. He'd bitch about the week he had at work. I'd listen to him talk about history, conspiracy theories, sci-fi books (I knew the plot of the first two or three Ender books before I cracked Ender's Game), poly stuff, and God knows whatever other subjects.

Combine that with... other issues... It'll be tough.

E makes it easier, though... But I miss him saying "AP!" while pretending to take people's noses. When the "Got your nose" concept comes up, it'll be extra hard.

It'll get better. It's gotta. E remains the light of my life. And he's gotta get into college! If I sink into a realm of depression, he can't get into college.

Daddy C

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