Sunday, April 10, 2011


Elijah is now learning to get his own rice. He shouts, "Alchemy!" at people in hopes that they will respond. He did this to a little boy at Gymboree and the little boy seemed baffled. This was also his response to recovering from a sugar crash: "Hi Mama." Turn to Daddy, "Alchemy!" :)

My hair is pink and purple; Elijah says, "Pink's a silly color!" Daddy C is teaching him that pink is a beautiful color.

E now asks for things, "May I have milk please?" And says, "Thank you." without prompting. He talks a lot, most of the time quoting Care Bears or Thomas the Tank Engine.

He says that Christmas lights are beautiful and he's loving Christmas episodes of Thomas right now. For many things that he likes, he says, "Beautiful!"

He understands the concepts of bigger and little. He's amazed that Daddy can draw him a train, and he asks Mama to draw balloons a lot. Bigger balloons and star balloons, most of the time.

We've had no major crises for three weeks or so, so everyone remaining has chilled out and we've been able to work on home improvements. The bathroom is getting completely remodeled this week, and the basement is shaping up into a clean, nice-smelling place to hang out. Ti Ti Bug and Nanny M and Mama and Daddy B are hanging out down here while Daddy C and Brother Emo are at work. Uncle Cat is playing video games upstairs. It's amazing to have two sitting areas, a place to go to do quiet things--chatting, writing, sewing--while someone's upstairs using the loud TV.

I was able to build a permanent blanket fort under the stairs, and we have the HEPA vacuum working again. AND a a HEPA air purifier/filter thinger... it cycles the air in the basement multiple times an hour. It's so awesome.

And just to make me smile, I have cinnamon-scented carpet powder :)

Ti Ti Bug wants everyone to know that Uncle Cat is a bad influence. On everything! ;)

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