Sunday, June 14, 2009


We're home, and glad to be home. Kacy provided a much needed break from life. There was laughter, and learning, and food, and the beach. Elijah loved the beach.

Right now, I'm eating icecream, waiting for the bath to fill up. Elijah is trying to crawl over the boxes that are blocking his way into the bathroom, and Brian is dealing with the laundry, just outside the door. It is good.

There will be food when I get out of the bath. First, there will be icecream.

I thought I had more coherent things to say, but I think the problem is I want to be interesting. Okay, then--forget interesting. Let's do documentation--

On Monday, Elijah and I both experienced a drum circle for the first time. At times, he was made nervous and upset by it--at other times, such as when Kacy took him into the circle with her while she danced, he was laughing and happy. And he tried to drum which was very cute. Chris W tried to teach him (and me) the beat. It didn't work ;)

Over the week, Elijah ate peach cobbler, ramen, beans from a burrito, tortilla chips, chai bread, broccoli, green beans, Goldfish crackers (I HATE those things!), and lots and lots of graham crackers. I, on the other hand, ate lots of ramen with peanut butter, and English muffins with cheese.

I can hear him outside the bathroom, saying, "Ma ma ma mamamama maaa mamama!" and fussing. Sigh. But Brian has calmed him down--possibly with a jar of bananas and strawberries.

Every time that Morning approached Elijah, she licked his face. After the first three or four times, he started licking her first. She was confused.

I miss Kacy and JD and Chris. JD is so sweet and kind and awesome, and he loves Elijah so much and I just don't know why. Why does everyone else enjoy this baby boy so very much? Yes, he's beautiful, but he's so much work and he's so confusing and he's a helpless little baby and he's not theirs, so why do they love him?

Although I suppose Chris and Kacy and JD do consider him theirs, so I guess that answers that.

I took a lot of pictures and a lot of video. I will post them later.

Under a rainbow at the beach, Elijah destroyed half of the turtles I'd molded from sand.

Lots of screaming now, angry yelling and "ba ba ba ba ba!" and "ma ma mamamama!" I guess it's time to make my way out of the bath.


The Wandering Aspie said...

Confused...I love Elijah...I'm not supposed to?

Mama Coyote said...

Everyone loves Elijah. It's not that you or others aren't supposed to, it just continually amazes me. And I suppose it shouldn't, cos he /is/ pretty awesome.

Mama Coyote said...

To clarify, there's nothing wrong with love--ever. There's not a "not supposed to".

Love my baby boy all you want :)