Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life in the new house...

A few days ago...

I have so many thoughts and no coherent way to express them.

We're moved in properly now, and out of the hotel. I'm trying to unpack. It's going more slowly than packing.

The kitchen is getting sorted out. Brian put the vinyl tile down, and it looks awesome despite being cheap as hell vinyl tile. I have to get everything out of the way before the appliances are delivered tomorrow, and that is so not happening tonight.

I found at least thirty souveiner plastic cups that my dad left behind when he was here for a few days to help make the house go. They are from a place he's never been. Query?

My kitchen has one. ONE! drawer. This may be difficult, but will also force me to declutter and be creative with organizing. That's a good thing.

Elijah's been trying to figure out how to stand on his own for more than half a second. That's pretty awesome.


Back to the present--

I was up at 8am today, because for some reason that's when Babyface decided it was time to wake up. So we took the dogs for a walk through the swamp, and he slept for half the walk. Sigh.

I had a good, real, proper shower for the first time in a few days, and it was glorious. My hair is clean and shiny and soft. Unlike the shower in the apartment, our new shower remains a constant temperature. Amazing!

Elijah and I spent the day wandering around the house, not unpacking boxes. Some laundry got done, which is good.

Elijah's room is good. It's small, but all it needs to hold is the full sized mattress he and I sleep on, and some toys. And it does this quite well. There are covers on the outlets, and a baby gate at the door. We can hang out in here for an hour or so, playing with toys, and it keeps him happy and laughing. It's great.

5 things I'm grateful for today--
-water filter
-the Internet
-a working stroller

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