Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is so I can keep in mind that productivity is possible.

Today, I have:
-made a whiny blog post
-eaten breakfast with Elijah (onion bagel with butter, and cold leftover garlic broccoli)
-checked email
-checked Facebook
-put dinner in the crock pot (chicken and potatoes--there's an orange in the chicken's cavity, butter under its skin, and lots of cajun seasoning, onion powder, celery salt, and garlic powder all over it)
-planned the rest of dinner (rice, broccoli) to be finished around 5
-took dogs and baby for a walk (while talking to Grampa)
-washed towels
-put towels in dyer
-put clothes in washer
-ran dishwasher
-ran water distiller
-wrote this blog post

And it's only noon!

And now we're lying down, nursing and listening to the Sisters of Mercy. I'm trying to decide whether to try to sleep. I really probably should.

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