Thursday, June 4, 2009


Elijah is asleep, there's rain outside, Chris is watching TV in his room, Brian is watching anime with headphones across the room from me. The dogs are woofing quietly at the new neighbours who are very loud, and I am wallowing in my head pain, and having a midnight snack.

Midnight snack: Ibuprofen, vitamins, Sudafed, bread and cheese, and Function: House Call. Which is supposed to be honey green tea but tastes like libraries.

When I stood up to go get my midnight snack, I took three steps, swayed, sat down again. My migraine attacks have been weird lately--not nearly as frequent as they were before pregnancy, but more surprising. I used to have ample warning that one was coming, from significant aura. Now they come on much more quickly, and are more susceptible to light and sound than the old ones were.

Dinner was a surprising success; apparently an orange and some cajun seasoning on a chicken in the crock pot works well. We also had cheese to go with the potatoes and broccoli. It was quite good. And Elijah rejected chicken in favour of broccoli.

And after dinner, I had icecream with cream, because my grandfather and I were talking about how much we used to eat icecream, earlier, and how infrequently we do now. But I tend to be happier when I'm eating a lot of icecream, so perhaps I should get back to that.

The day's productivity continued: I packed three crates of books, two boxes of clothes, and one box of sheets. I may have done more as well, but the pain in my head is preventing memory from surfacing.

After dinner, we picked up Marcy to show her the new house, and mostly so she and I could smoke a couple of clove cigarettes and catch up a bit. It was good. It needs to happen sometimes.

And then babyface screamed the entire way home, which sure didn't help my head, or Brian's stress level. So now we're vegging.

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