Thursday, December 10, 2009

Originality? What originality? None here.

It was you and me and the whole world right before us
I couldn’t wait to start
I saw you and dreams just like everyone before us
We thought we knew what we got

And then one day I thought it slipped away
And I looked to my hands to hold on
And then one day all my fear slipped away
And my hands did so much more

So maybe we won’t find easy
But, baby, we’ve found the good
No, maybe we won’t find easy
But, baby, we’ve found the good.

This is a song of Signing Time, and I was thinking all day about how I needed to write a post about how the last chorus became my theme song as of two days ago (even though my child isn't disabled).

And then when googling for the lyrics, I found out that Amalah already did that.



Okay, so I'm the least original blogger out there. Whatever. I'm gonna go back to learning ASL with my boy now :p


Dyannamika said...

Aw, Don't worry Ash, I've read much less original blogs than yours in my day. ;)

Satyrblade said...

What is good is never truly easy. It only seems that way sometimes because the best in life is so very, very worth it.

Thanks to you, BTW, I'm reading Sati. Loving it. Thinking of you. It's a very "you" book, and I'm not surprised it's one of your favorite novels.