Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snippets of Today

I want way too many of these: 12 Reinforced Nylon Bean Bags

So. This Friday, Mama Kacy and her crew + 1 are coming up for the weekend, because we have an event to go to on Saturday. They'll head back probably Sunday while she stays here to help take care of the babyface, because... B leaves on Sunday around 3am for Puerto Rico. Then on Tuesday, my parents get here.

This is all a little crazy for me.

However, I will continue to try to post to the blog. I felt good about posting every day this past month, even when the posts were pointless "Hi, I'm posting" posts. I'm hoping to keep it up.


I should start a collection of index cards with writing prompts (for blogging, journaling, and actual writing), so I can shuffle them up and then draw a card or two.


My working pantry as of today:
-10lbs red potatoes
-2gal milk
-1/2 gallon heavy cream
-6lbs frozen vegetables
-2lbs butter
-3lbs various cheeses
-3 dozen eggs
-4 chickens
-1 large beef roast
-smoked sausage
-3lbs carrots
-canned diced tomatoes

It's going to be a busy, busy weekend. And week.


My house is relatively clean and orderly, and I am proud of that.

Let's see if I can keep it that way.


Elijah tried to put his shorts on today. He pulled them onto his legs, then stood up and tried to pull them all the way up. They were backwards and he couldn't get them over his hips, but it's the first time he's tried that, so I was impressed :)

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