Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snippets & More

Elijah's got about 40 signs now. Tonight at Gymboree Open Gym, he was crawling into this platform space under another platform, laying down and signing 'bed' and saying 'ba'. He'd put his head down, signing 'bed' under his head, and talk about it. It was surprising, and very cute.


From our friend BB, on the drink called Function: House Call:
"It's like having tea with Cthulhu! It's very sweet and genteel and nice, and then... it's /wrong/. And you know you shouldn't like these tastes, but part of me is going, 'It's so gooooood!'"


I feel like I'm doing something right. My mom asked me what fabric softener I use because she liked the scent so much :)


SpaceShots: The Week's Best Photos of Our Galaxy - This is pretty amazing. There are some great shots there that I'd love to have posters of.


At a mall last week, a woman was trying to sell me powdered cocoa butter as a "Japanese sea salt and other awesome ingredients" skin cream. Then she had some sort of glue-like product she said was an exfolliant. She tried to sell that by rubbing it into my wrist, and asking, "Have you taken a shower today?" "Er... yes." "Are you sure?"

Excuse me? Am I sure I showered today? Do you honestly think being rude to customers will sell more product? Really? Is that what they taught you? I bet it's not. Try insulting someone else, lady. I'm moving on.


I let my email overwhelm me. All the time. I'm subscribed to countless mailing lists because, well, in the gaming organization Brian and I are in, that's what you do. I'm on 20+ that are local to where we live and several more that are not) I'm also on some unrelated lists. And advertising lists for favourite places like L'Occitane and J Peterman. And Flylady stuff. And Daily Coyote. And Chorebuster, Max Barry, Mil Millington, Go Gratitude, Facebook, Saving Dinner, Gevalia, Meetup: NoVA Polamory, Amtrak, my bank, Thrillist.

Trying to keep up with it and completely failing, just letting myself be overwhelmed, keeps me from enjoying the things I really want to do with my computer time, like play mindless games or read my Google Reader subscriptions (and leave comments!) or read servants' manuals from the 1880s or keep up with friends. I really do appreciate the unexpected emails I get from people (hi Phil! <3 ). Please don't take my lack of response as lack of interest. I'm just flaky.

So something's got to give.

I'm going to prioritize, and then I'm going to keep up with the day's email and try every day to clear out a few of the 500 threads sitting in my inbox. I'm going to unsubscribe from a lot of those lists. And then I'm going to hope for a manageable amount of list-type email, and an increasing amount of personal email from friends. Because that's way more important.


camilynn said...
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Satyrblade said...

Good idea.

And you're welcome, luv. I always enjoy being in touch with ya, and understand how easy it is to have waaaaaaaay too much stuff going on.

Nicole said...

This is why I love filters on g-mail. 90% of the lists I'm on do not go to my inbox at all. They have their own separate private list world label thing.

Mama Coyote said...

Most of the lists I'm on don't go to my inbox either... but since I did that something like two years ago, I've NEVER read them. They're using up my space for no reason. So it's time to unsubscribe...