Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silly Clowns, Scary Stunts, and Happy Elephants!

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to take Mama Coyote to her first circus show ever!

It was raining a bit and we were told the show was sold out...which kinda sucked, but then this man in a small car came around saying that they were gonna do another show at 7:30, which was pretty cool because they were not supposed to have a show at that time.

I've always wondered how life in a circus would be like. It must be fun, getting to play with animals, travelling all the time and getting to see new places. Yet, something tells me that it must be a bit depressing as well.

Anyways, we had pretty good seats because we got VIP seating...nifty huh?

The show started with a couple of tiger trainers, who had about 10 tigers with them. This was one of my favorite parts of the show...probably cause I like tigers a lot. The female trainer was very nice to the tigers, but the guy seemed a little mean. Yet, the tigers were very well trained, which is pretty amazing considering their predatory and wild nature.

After that they had some trapecists? I'm not sure if that's the correct term or not...but that doesn't really matter. This part was also a lot of fun, and I remember hearing that it was a family performing together, which I thought was kinda cool.

There were a variety of clown acts, which I won't get too deep into because they were mostly just fillers in between the real cool stuff...hehe, plus both of us agreed that clowns are silly and not that funny.

There was another trainer lady who came out with a camel, a horse, 2 ponies and 2 poodles. She didn't seem to be as good of a trainer as the tiger lady, especially because her tiny ponies seemed confused and would go berserk every now and then and tried headbutting the larger horse. The poodles were fun too.

While on the topic of poodles, and dogs overall, there was this other lady that came out with a bunch of them later on. She was riding on a small pink car, which looked like an oversized version of those Barbie toy cars. Most of her poodles had pink fur too...except for that one token black poodle...who was the super poodle, and super excited. This part of the show was fun, and there was this adorable little poodle pup who was hopping through metal rings and going haywire all over the place.

At one point they finally brought out the elephants! We had seen one of them outside while we were waiting to buy tickets, and they were offering rides before the show too. This was pretty cool because they had one of the trainers riding one of the elephants bareback as they came out. It was a pretty nice show, and elephants are just plain awesome. I made the observation that they always look happy for some reason...must be something about the way their mouths are shaped.

They also had another group of trapecists or acrobats, or whatever you want to call them. They were a larger group, all female for the exception of a young boy amongst them. They were dressed like pirates when they came out...which totally had me like "WTF?!?!?" when they first came out. However, their show was one of the better ones in my opinion. It was just cool to see how they appeared to be "floating" in the air. One of them was doing her tricks on what looked like a fishing net...maybe it had to do something with the pirate theme, but it was pretty cool.

To end the whole thing, they brought out this large metal cage globe thingy that looked straight out of a Mad Max movie. They had a couple of people with motorcycles inside. Another bike came out riding his motorcycle while the cage was brought out and then went inside once it was set up. One of them started riding at a fast pace inside the cage, slightly above the heads of the other two. My heart skipped a beat every now and then as I waited for something awful to happen in front of my eyes!

Suddenly, the biker fell off his bike as he was coming to a stop. The crowd fell silent. I watched nervously, praying silently that he was ok. After a few minutes he got back up with the help of the other bikers and some of other circus folk that rushed to his help. People clapped loudly as he stood up and exited the cage.

The show went on with other two bikers pulling off some pretty cool stunts inside the cage. The biker in green turned out to be a 12 yeard old girl! I thought that was pretty hardcore.

To top it all off they did the classic "cannon ball man" stunt. They brought out this huge cannon that was attached to a truck and had this guy go inside. They set up a net on the other end and "BOOM!" The guy went up flying in the air and landed safely on the net. It was kinda cool, but that thing was pretty freaking loud too!

Overall I had tons of fun, and it was kinda nice to get some bonding time with Mama C...plus now I can proudly say that I took her to her first circus show ever! :D

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