Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I want to write a post, but I keep thinking I should write something really awesome and profound, and that just plain isn't happening this morning. My thoughts keep flying away halfway through, and my eyes are feeling heavy. It's been a week of storms and it's going to continue. I love it, but the rollercoaster air pressure takes its toll.

I want to write some sort of really awesome, informative post about living in a commune, about living a poly relationship, about raising a child. I want to write about how medicinal marijuana should be legal OR I should live in DC. I honestly don't understand why the painkiller that has the least likelihood of destroying my kidneys and liver is still illegal. That just makes no sense to me.

I want to write about dog training, and that we're taking two dogs and two cats to the vet on Friday, and the crafts I'm doing. I want to write about Elijah's development, about the changes in the household and the family, about food. But for some reason I just can't seem to do it.

Maybe if I set an alarm on my phone ;)

I really should make a crafts post. Maybe that's what I'll do next.

To everyone else -- thank you so much for posting. I love that we can make this a co-operative project. The more we write here, the more memories we've recorded and can look back on. Thank you all.

Daddy B - Thank you. You know why.

Daddy C - Thank you for sticking with us, thank you for being patient with me, thank you for all your help.

Brother Emo - Thank you for your love, and the joy you bring to my life. Thank you for talking, and thank you for being real.

Maddy - Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for helping me when I'm overwhelmed, and thank you for jumping right in and doing things and providing an example to me that it's possible to finish projects.

Jag - Thank you for the circus, and for our random talks and sharings of music. Thank you for being around.

Ti Ti Bug - Thank you for being Puerto Rican :D

Uncle Cat - Thank you for coke floats :)

Mama T - Thank you for being a role model. For not being one of those horrible mothers. For being a positive role model instead of a negative one for me.

And thank you all for loving Elijah. Thank you for contributing to the core of this household.

--Mama Coyote

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Maddy said...

Any time, love :)

Oh, and Elijah kind of speaks like he's narrating everything. At least, that's kind of how I hear it...