Monday, September 7, 2009

Morning, and Boys in Pink

Cheerios - check
Baby Sign DVD - check
Dogs have gone out (all four of them) - check

Whyyy did we get up at 7am? Especially when we were tossing and turning all night? My eyes hurt.

I should point out that despite recent evidence, Elijah and I usually sleep very well. We cosleep, as I'm sure I've mentioned before. He nurses once or twice during the night, and we don't fully wake up for that. I get 7-8 hours of (lightly interrupted) sleep a night. I could get more if I went to sleep when he did (and if I'm particularly exhausted, that's what I do). But lately, for some reason, I haven't been sleeping so well. He's been fine; it's me. And last night, he wasn't sleeping well either, whether from having caught my mild cold, or because I kept waking up, I don't know.

Either way, my eyes hurt.


Yardsales and thrift stres are amazing. This weekend's haul has gained us, for under $100: A 20 gallon long aquarium, for the turtle; 25 DVD movies (Charlotte's Web, Fifth Element, Stardust, The Day After Tomorrow, the Lord of the Rings movies, Donnie Brasco... lots! Full Metal Jacket! Apocalypse Now! Some of my favourites :) ); jeans and shirts for me; jeans and overalls for Elijah; some plush animals; some books; and Elijah's pink fedora. Amazing :D


I had other things I wanted to ramble about. What were they? Hmm.

Oh! Susan Boyle.

Although I don't know what to say about her. I wanted to tell the story about how I don't have a TV (rather, we have a TV, but it's purely for watching DVDs and playing video games--we don't have cable), but I do have YouTube, and my mom gave me a name. And I fell in love. And if my head hurt less, maybe I could tell that story. It involves the faces of friends of mine going from skeptical to OMG baffled. And it was beautiful.

Anyway, her debut album is out, and I need to remember to get it one of these days.


Elijah has gotten the sign for "Daddy" confused with just pointing at his head. Like his head is now called "Daddy" and "head". I'm not sure how to fix this :p

There are a couple of signs he's doing regularly that we haven't taught and I can't figure out what he's trying to say.


But you're really just here for the pictures, aren't you?

I was trying to get a shot of him sitting on the futon like a big boy, but he decided to climb around instead.


CAT! (And HAT!)

The turtle now has what will become a nice terrarium :)

Tiny turtle :D

Hugging the giant ball :)

All clean. And drinking water.

I'm making up for the last of breastfeeding shots in this blog :p


There's that hat again!

"Yard sales are so. boring."

But the cat is cool!

He needs more pink clothes.

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