Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sneezes & Pictures

I'm sick.

Being sick makes me incredibly whiny.

Thai medicine helps me be less whiny.

Elijah is not sick, which is good. He has also been very accommodating the last couple of days, playing with his toys and watching his videos and giving me hugs when I ask.

To spare you the whining (since when do I want to do that?), have some pictures.


Dressed all in black. He got very confused by those socks and took them off.

Looots of toys.

All cleaned up and sorted!

He was really loving that watermelon.

This is my home while I'm sick. It's full of magazines and books... which mostly get ignored in favor of the computer. (Except Nanny 911, which is there too.)

This is the toy cat Elijah picked up at the grocery store :)

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