Monday, August 31, 2009

100th Post - with pictures!

This is my 100th post to this blog o.O We'll see how awesome I can make it ;)

As promised: I got the Applewood Smoked Salt from Gypsy Hill Foods. They were at a local farmer's market yesterday. Their beer pub cheese dip is amazing, too. And the bacon ones. And I got a one-serving package of dehydrated potato soup, too, which Elijah and I will have for lunch sometime this week.


If you can't tell by my lack of enthusiasm, I'm still groggy. I was awakened out of a dream about gerbil-buying--the pet store woman in the dream told me that she wouldn't buy a cage for gerbils, she would go with a large aquarium, because, and this was important: She held up a vial of live crickets to me and in the dream I said, "Oh yeah!" and we discussed the merits of crickets for gerbils as food and exercise. I woke up thinking, "Do you really feed crickets to gerbils? I can't remember." (Yes, you do.)

Anyway, I woke up at the wrong part of the sleep cycle, and I can't seem to shake it. I promise some day I'll write one of these posts without being exhausted, or at least without complaining about it :p

I was going somewhere with that but I can't remember what. Hmm.

Oh! Oh yeah. I was going to say: By the time I got to breakfast, between the grogginess and the low blood sugar, I couldn't figure out what to eat. Nevermind that I eat the same thing every morning, for exactly that reason: Cheerios with cream and milk. It's relatively non-offensive, even with low blood sugar, and it doesn't require any preparation. So that's what I eat, so I don't have to make a decision.

Except this morning there was also pizza.

I ended up using GoogleFight to make the decision (I would have used a coin but that would require deciding which items went with heads and which with tails), and learning what I already knew: The Internet talks about pizza way more than it talks about Cheerios.


I need more high-quality educational baby videos, can anyone recommend any? I'm getting tired of Baby Signs (although it's good) and would like to start alternating what we watch.

We don't watch them all day, but we try to watch Your Baby Can Read once in the morning and once in the evening, and one other thing (right now, Baby Signs or Baby Einsteins My First Signs) in the morning as well.


Learn new skills with the click of a mouse - Interesting. A school in NC is doing an online learning thing that is much cheaper than online college courses... I may try it some day to see if I could keep up with online courses.

And Scientists have taken an image of a molcule's skeleton (sort of)--pretty awesome :D


"That's a lot of toys, Mama."

I put the entire livingroom toy basket in the playpen.

It's a lot of toys ;)

We found a turtle!

This is his new favourite nursing position. It's easier on my back, strangely enough.

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