Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear man with the rottweilers,

When your beautiful but massive rottweiler slips his collar and commences attempting to nibble on my eight pound white mop dog, it is polite to say, "Sorry." after you've regained control of your Goliath. It is not polite to simply walk away.


PS. When I said, "Sorry!" as you made your escape, I didn't really mean it.
PPS. It took ten minutes for me to stop shaking.


Remmy is in the playpen with Elijah, because there are Cheerios. Elijah is mostly ignoring him, because there is Baby Sign on the DVD player.

Elijah smells of miso. He has a belly full of miso and rice.

I had the best idea ever, at dinner: Miso in the sippy cup. He drank a bowl and a half that way.

I wish I had a video of him tasting wasabi. It went something like this:

"... >.< ! . ....... :D Hahahahahaha! :D More!"

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