Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home again.

We're safe back in DC. We got in at 1:30am, exhausted. I took in the dogs, the baby, my phone, and my computer. That was it. Brian put Elijah down on his bed and he didn't wake up. We all three conked out till morning... when Elijah was thrilled to be up and home and seeing all the toys he left behind, and we were still bleary-eyed and desperately wanting more sleep.

Thanks to my mom, I have a wonderful new camera phone. It took the place of my S5 for the week because the S5 is nearly as big as my head and doesn't fit in my pocket.

12 hours there, 14 hours back. Both trips done in one day. This has been quite a week. And Brian leaves again tomorrow. Kacy comes in tonight (I can't wait!).

I thought I'd have all kinds of things to say about the trip when I got back, but I seem not to. That's why I should make blog posts while on the road, instead of watching Dead Like Me on my phone.

* * *

Picture time!

The first picture taken with my phone's camera. The walker came from another little boy who didn't need it anymore--Thank you, Owen! Elijah is loving it.

Grandmere found the best book EVER.

He tried to strap himself in!

Grandmere and Babyface both looking at me skeptically. That coffee in her hand, incidentally, is amazing.

Babyface is squirmy.

No thank you, we don't eat rocks.

Best shirt ever.

Elijah was thrilled to meet this Great Pyrenees at the vet's office.

There are supposed to be mountains there...

The groomer at the vet trimmed Remmy's face after the vet fixed his teeth. He's doing well now!

Trying to get the hang of this walking thing :)

And my hair is blue and purple again. That makes me incredibly happy :D

He really loves flowers.

Thank you for the cute shirt, Tina!

We picked flowers before leaving KY.

1/3rd of my return suitcase was shaving stuff :>


Satyrblade said...


Loving the hair. And the meeting with that big white dog is just adorable!

Mama Coyote said...

Hehe. That dog was awesome. And bigger than me! Elijah loved him.

I'm so glad to have my hair back. I hadn't realized quite how much I'd missed it.