Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Storm :D

We both laid down for a nap around noon, and slept restlessly until 2:30 when I noticed it was raining and decided to get up and close the windows.

It's storming beautifully :D

Elijah is working on the word "cat". He is extremely excited whenever he sees a picture of a cat or a real cat, and says, "Ka! Ka! Kaaa!"


The power went out for a moment, during a beautiful storm.

Then the livingroom window started leaking. A lot. It was raining in the livingroom almost as hard as it was raining outside.


This afternoon, we are waiting for Brian to come home, watching Homicide, and paging through random books.

Homicide :D

It rained in the livingroom -.-

But there is fun anyway :D

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