Friday, August 28, 2009

I wish I had some precooked bacon.

Today is one of those days where blinking hurts, I'm dropping everything, and walking by the "gingerbread spice" scented reed diffuser makes me gag. Usually, I love that thing--it makes my hallway smell like cookies!!--but today. Ugh. Not today.

So I'm trying to coast until naptime, and maybe I'll feel better after we sleep some more.


Naptime didn't help.


From Elijah

We have lately been having the best lunch ever: EasyMac with a handful of four-cheese blend and some bacon bits; mushrooms sauteed in butter and olive oil; masala naan; and Ovaltine. Elijah doesn't like the naan, but he LOVES the mushrooms and the Ovaltine, and quite likes the EasyMac.
(One day I will make real mac and cheese.)

First the water... then the Ovaltine... it's so awesome!!

And time to tease the dog!

And this is because there aren't enough blurry cameraphone breastfeeding shots on this blog.

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sonja said...

LOL!!!! - Thanks - cute and fun and very with-you-in-the-home!