Thursday, August 20, 2009


I think I need a rule that I can't have more than... I dunno, what's reasonable?... 5? 10? Tabs. Tabs open in Chrome or Firefox or whatever I happen to be using. Or maybe at least can't have more than that open at the end of the day.

It'd be hard, though.

Anyway, I'm clearing tabs out right now. this post at Flotsam is making me laugh a lot, even though I've already read it. Twice.

Also this post at the same blog, because apparently Flotsam is my thing right now :p I am dreading looking at daycares in the near future.

Speaking of daycare: Yeah. I think Elijah's ready for a half day once or twice a week. I am baffled that I think this, that I think it's time for that. I don't know if *I'm* ready, but I'm pretty sure he is. He loves playing with other children, and I recognize that he needs that, scary as it may be to me. And if he's entertained and has plenty of water and snacks, he can go an afternoon without me.



Back to other blogs for my sanity.

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