Sunday, August 30, 2009

Salt, Teeth, and Cats

It was my intention, when I finally got to settle down to nurse Elijah to sleep, to write about the day, which involved the farmer's market, the grocery store, pizza, a migraine, and plenty of surprisingly calm family time, but I'm afraid that all I've ended up with to say is: Applewood smoked salt. On cucumbers. Try it. Now.

And I'd give you a link to the guy I got the smoked salt from if I'd been smart enough to bring the label (and thus url) in here with me.

And there'd be brand new pictures of the babyface, too, except I wasn't smart enough to bring the camera with me either.

So you'll have to wait till morning.



(There was all that cranky throwing of soup spoons and sippy cups of Ovaltine at dinner, though, that was finally only quenched with an old leftover jar of butternut squash babyfood. There's one new tooth and possibly some others that are trying to break through, and they seem to be really bothering the poor boy.)


Oh! And when watching the Your Baby Can Read video this evening, when they got to "nose", Elijah touched his nose :D When they were showing the other kids touching their noses, that is--not just when he saw the word on the screen. Not yet.

But when he sees the word 'cat', he gets very excited and says, "Ka!"


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Mama Coyote said...

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