Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good morning, world. It's time to post.

Computers are amazing. First thing in the morning, after Elijah is cuddled and changed and has some toys to entertain him, I:
-Email Brian at his gmail account to talk to him while he's on the train (maybe).
-reply to email from my mom (usually)
-send email to a cell phone in Japan
-send Brian's work account an email to continue the discussion
-begin the day's discussion with Aunt Marcy (headtilt)
-use Google Reader to catch up on some blogs
-use Facebook to catch up on some friends (sort of)
-read random other things, such as fringe news or

Then it's usually time for breakfast and Signing Time. We don't have a TV, so Signing Time runs on the computer.

And, To Do lists SUCK. Just as a note. They add to my feelings of failure when I look at them and see all the things I HAVEN'T done. And on days when I can barely move from the pain and I haven't even managed to feed myself or take a shower, that's pretty disheartening. So I try to keep an "Accomplishments" list for the day, instead. Things like "lunch" and "walking dogs" and "laundry" go there. If it's a good day, maybe "swept the floor" or "cleaned out turtle tank". Yesterday, cleaning Elijah's room and reorganizing his toys and putting away some of the recently-played-with and pulling out some of the not-recently-played-with was an accomplishment. So was showering and shaving (no new reviews, am currently VERY happy with Art of Shaving unscented cream, preshave, and aftershave). So it was a good day.

I wonder what today will bring :)


ShitMyDadSays is the best use of Twitter I have seen so far. (I assume there are some fundraising and news outlets that are doing much, much more important work, but I haven't seen those Twitter accounts. Show them to me, I'll amend my statement ;) )


So I've joined NaBloPoMo. I did entertain the thought of NaNoWriMo for about three seconds, especially since a friend was suggesting using the RPG Deliria as a basis, but... well there's just no way I'd make it. Maybe next year. But not this year.

But posting to the blog every day? Maybe I can do that.


We'll see.

(And I promise some pictures later. When I find my camera. And get Picasa working again.)

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