Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morning, and Boys in Pink II

Elijah has croup, which is scary, but also Prednisolone, which makes it less scary. The coughing and not being able to get his breath was scary, but that phase has passed, at least for the moment. We're keeping the house cool, on the doctor's recommendation, to combat the fever and help keep his chest from tightening up and making it hard to breathe again. So far, so good.

Although now my throat is scratchy, so we'll see :p

Elijah wore pink sweat pants to the doctor, because he picked them out. A man in the waiting room was confused.

We still have six guppies, which means that so far they are too fast for the turtle. Which is fine by me. The guppies add something awesome to the tank. It is less boring now :)

I'm not awake yet. Someone give me a subject to blog about.


Nicole said...

Elijah is digging on the color pink- which is awesome :) I wish I culd get Jon to wear it! What do you think about gender roles and the raising of children. If he wants Barbies in a few years would you discourage that? What if he wants to wear a dress to kindergarden?

Dyannamika said...

I'm just trying not to worry about Mr. Pinkpants with croup. :(