Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today has been odd, in many ways. It started out way too early, before dawn, with Elijah waking up coughing (though not the barking cough of croup, thankfully). The cough would come and go, but never be gone long enough for either of us to get back to sleep. I don't know how long this went on, but he managed to doze off eventually, and I trembled crying on the couch for a while because I hadn't managed to sleep at a decent hour anyway and my head hurt and my eyes hurt and my right leg and toes hurt so very much and I knew I wasn't going to be functional for the day on just two or three hours of sleep.

And then I remembered I had painkillers, and took them, and curled back up with the by-then calmed and sleeping baby. And we slept till 10:30am, which is about three and a half hours later than usual.

The day itself was comparatively pain-free, though I felt very fragile and tried to take it easy. I got some laundry done and Elijah and I played and watched too many videos on the computer. My kitchen is still broken, and a mess. Roasting a turkey on Thursday is going to be interesting if I have to wash my dishes in the bathtub.

Today was a Gymboree day, which was awesome as always. It was open gym, not a class. I love open gym time. I love watching the varied ages of toddlers and how they interact. It always makes me so tired, though. Fortunately, it makes Elijah tired, too ;)

And he and Daddy are done with bathtime, so it is now nursing time and sleeping time.

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