Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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I really <3 Marines. At least the one Marine we spent the evening with. I <3 him a lot.

I also really like Quantico, and being on base there. At least for a couple of hours at a time. The energy there is strangely relaxed, which seems odd.

And someone asked Kacy today if her purple hair is natural. This made me unbelievably happy :p

And! Best of all! While Kacy and I were in the kitchen, me doing dishes and she watching chai bread bake, Elijah climbed up into the computer chair and hit space on the keyboard so that Signing Time would unpause. And he sat there and watched it. And then when he was ready to go play again, he hit space again, climbed down, and went to play. Then later, climbed back into the chair and hit space again, and sat and watched Signing Time some more. It was amazing and wonderful and awesome and I love seeing him grow and learn like that and and and and *trails off into endless mushiness about how awesome the babyface is*


I'monna take my strained vocal chords off to bed.


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Dyannamika said...

If you like Marines, check out the height of messed-up moe anthromorphism: Mari-tan! It's an english lesson tape to teach Japanese students how to swear like a Marine!

Though it's pretty interesting that Jiei-tan is chained to a book representing article nine of the Japanese constitution forbidding a standing army (the self-defense force is part of the police, technically).
Here is an article about it:

And if that is not insane enough, here's a song with Mari-tan and Army-cun: