Sunday, November 22, 2009


"Think of pleasing her, not vexing her. You are intoxicated, you should go home."

We're watching Kate & Leopold, and I need more sleep.

I also need to clean my house, and get started on my week.

I want to make grand, sappy statements about how important my family is and how cleaning the house and keeping the kitchen running smoothly is part of my expression of love, because all of those things are true, and half of me wants to get up off my couch and get to work... the other half of me wants to just sit here and possibly fall over sideways and go back to sleep.

And now my sister pack is awake and afoot, and it seems that we're starting Kate & Leopold over again :)

(Though I think I need to start actually structuring my housework a little better. Something like devoting two hours a day to housework, and the rest of the day to playing with Elijah.)

(This has been quite a week. And weekend. And now it's time for a new week.)

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