Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost back to normal?

Today has been strange. Everyone's still down, but recovering. Brian stayed home from work to continue recovering, and so we could talk and have some de-stress time. Which was helpful and successful, and I'm very grateful.

The baby had a nice nap, which was nice.

We had dinner at the table for the first time in... I don't remember how long. Elijah was thrilled with his food and there was lots of giggling and talking.

Dinner was a frozen skillet meal thing, that was surprisingly tasty. Rotini with chicken and vegetables in a garlic butter sauce.

Dinner was funny!

I've gotten the kitchen cleaned up for the first time in quite a few days, too, and I feel accomplished for that. I'm hoping after the last of the day's dogwalks, and a baby bath, I can settle down and have some relaxation time online.

I think I had a lot more to say about today, but between the barking dog and the fussing baby, I don't think I can think well enough to come up with it.

There will be a couple of more photos and some videos to see later. I'll post again then.

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