Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Successful Playpen Time Today


Elijah has been playing by himself in his playpen for nearly an hour now, to my amazement, while Chris B and I watch the West Wing. It's refreshing, and is letting me get some Australian tea consumed and some household management (one of my favourite subjects) reading done.

* * *


I just dropped the majority of Elijah's toys into the playpen with him, and he smiled at each one like he hadn't seen it in years. He's picking them up one by one and shaking them around.

We're watching West Wing again. I have Ovaltine and chocolate graham cracker Goldfish.

Which is what I'd like to ramble about right now: Goldfish crackers.

I HATE the cheese flavoured Goldfish crackers.


It may be hard to believe how much I hate those stupid little crackers, but I always have and I suspect I always will. For some 18 years, every few years I would think, hey, maybe I'll like them if I try them this time. And they'd be just as disgusting as the last time! Arrrg.

I'm not sure why that bothers me so very much, but it does. Everyone seems to love these things so much; I've never heard anyone else say they dislike them. Just uuugh.

But! Now there are CHOCOLATE GRAHAM CRACKER Goldfish! They're not awesome, but they're okay enough, and not especially sweet. And they're fish shaped. Which is cool.

* * *

We went for a 40 minute walk with the dogs today. Elijah loves to be outside, to be riding on my chest or in the stroller, looking at everything. He loves meeting every dog we pass, he loves how excited people are to see him. And they are so excited. It's as if they've never seen a baby before. Everyone exclaims over how beautiful he is... and I agree, of course, but I'm supposed to; I'm his mother. But people... we've stopped traffic! A man actually stopped his car so he and his wife and children could admire Elijah.

Does this happen to other babies? Please say it does.

* * *

I've spent a lot of time today considering how to set up Elijah's bedroom in the new house. It won't be just his, for now; he and I will be sharing it until . . . well, who knows when he'll be sleeping on his own. The plan right now is for us to join Brian in bed during the weekends, when Brian doesn't have to get up early in the mornings. But for weekdays, Elijah and I will most likely be sleeping in his room. I need to see if we'll fit in a twin bed. His room is pretty small, and will have to hold the bed, some toys and books... usual baby things. Extra blankets and pillows. A place for my laptop (which acts as white noise, alarm, and entertainment).

I'm also pondering colours. Probably an antique white on the walls and a bright, interesting blue on the ceiling. Just because.

* * *

Dinner was roast chicken breasts, pad prik green beans, and sauteed broccoli with garlic powder and olive oil.


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