Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad weekend.

What an awful weekend. Bleh.

Friday afternoon: Mama gets sick. Aunt Dani is the best person ever and comes to take babyface to play with basenjis all afternoon.
Friday evening: Babyface gets sick.
Friday night: Mama, daddy, and babyface spend half the night in the ER. Babyface laughs at ER nurse. ER nurse sends us home.
Saturday: Dani is sick.
Sunday daytime: Uncle Chris is sick. Aunt Nicole is fighting off being sick. Mama is cranky. Daddy is cranky. Babyface laughs at us all.
Sunday night: Daddy gets sick.


And we have a pediatrician's appointment at 9am. I don't see how we can possibly make it.


And more house stuff has to happen this week.

I have a lot of frozen food to get us through the week. I am currently not ashamed of that at all. I should be, but I'm not.

And I'm hungry. That's a good sign.

Now for more SmartWater and apple juice...


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