Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Try Again

So. A little over 8 months has gone by and I haven't posted.

I have an extremely healthy boy who will be 9 months fairly shortly. He's big and strong and healthy.

Exclusively breastfed...

...until recently. He's just now trying out other foods. I don't have a good picture of that right now.

He loves chai bread, banana bread, broccoli and chicken. He loves dogs and his piano toy. He has four teeth and probably two more coming in.

Reading Amalah has made me realize I really do want to be one of those moms who blog every awesome and every sad thing that happens to them.

I don't know if I can, but we'll try this again ;)

I can think better when in motion. Sitting down to the computer to try to write a blog post doesn't work very well, especially if I don't have some sort of prompt in mind to get me going.

I can, however, ramble my head off... so we'll start with that ;)

I'm sitting here on the futon, with the boy asleep beside me.

Au pair Kacyface is lying on the couch.

We're watching House and listening to the rain outside fade in and out. It's wonderful; it will drizzle for a while, and then it will pour... it's been like this for four days now. I love it.

The rain outside our wonderful wall of windows.

The house is full of dogs at the moment--two basenjis, my two dogs, and Kacy's puppy. It is kind of insane, but everyone is quiet at the moment :)

Baby Coyote is thrilled with the ridiculous number of dogs :)

I will try to document foods and post pictures once in a while. I will also try not to stress too much about it, but I know that in a few years I'll be upset if I don't keep some sort of record.

So we'll try this blog thing again.

Hello, world!

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