Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Welcome to Moooeee's!!!"

Me: I gave him my microphone to chew on.
Mom: He has teething rings.
Me: He'd rather chew on the microphone...

Image of motherhood fail: Baby wrapped up in microphone cord, chewing on Tylenol bottle.

Me: I can't do this if he doesn't take naps.
Mom: I know... I remember days where I thought, oh god, you have /got/ to sleep, or I will die. Right now.
Me: That is /so/ not helpful!
Mom: I know...

(He did finally settle down to nurse and while he didn't exactly nap, he was calm, and we had some relaxing time. But I was still a bit anxious and stressed by the time Brian got home.)

* * *


Elijah is now playing in his playpen while Leapfrog Letter Factory plays on the computer next to him. He's mostly ignoring the show, playing with his toys, and once in a while realizing I'm not there, so looking up and going, "Mmma! Mama!"

Now he's actually watching... then he fell down on his Baby Einstein violin-playing Mozart duck dude and it played music.

Hmm. We do have totally non-educational toys, too :p There are bunnies and teddy bears and even a ferret :D

* * *

I'm trying to figure out simple snacks to feed us through the day. Things that I'll actually find the time to make, or can make ahead. Things that are more nutritious than some chocolate graham crackers.

I would like to try this "quick tea" recipe from the BLW site. I'm not so sure about the mix of pear and cheese, but maybe with something mild like provolone, it might be tasty.

I'm also thinking things like apples and peanutbutter, apples and cheese, maybe a soup for the week if I can remember/get the time to make it on a Sunday and freeze it in one-serving sizes for the rest of the week.

Hummus and cucumbers are great... when I remember to eat them. I'm hoping some better refrigerator organization will help with that. Yay for IKEA...

* * *

I want coconut Thai soup with shrimp and chicken.

* * *

6pm - recovering from blood sugar crash

It's so odd, so quick. I have no idea why this one happened, even. Suddenly, I was cranky and having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

"Go get some food," Brian ordered, and I knew he was right, but my response was, "I already did." Because I had; I'd eaten a piece of chicken. I don't know why I crashed after chicken. That doesn't make a lot of sense.

And so now I'm sitting here with a cup of sugary, creamy tea and some chocolate Goldfish, recovering and becoming human again.

Then it's time to go have Moe's and hang out with people.

* * *


Another nice cuddly nursing-down-to-sleep moment with Elijah and the Sisters of Mercy.

Current tasks:
-researching a character background
-finding a jogging stroller
-selecting pictures from today to post

* * *

Dinner was at Moe's, which has amazing nachos. Elijah enjoyed pieces of tomato from my salsa.

And last night, Uncle Chris shared his french fries :)

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