Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boom boom boom boom...

May 29, 2009

Today's albums: Lore, by Clananad; New Beginnings, by Tracy Chapman

^ I don't even remember how many days ago I typed that...

* * *


I'm sitting in my apartment, House on Brian's computer (we don't have a TV) while I stare at my computer. Elijah has been with Dani since 2pm.

I feel very strange, like I'm doing what I should be doing.

I should either be taking care of my boy, or working my ass off to clean the apartment. Arrrg.

I took a nice long scrubby shower and washed my hair. That was definitely necessary, and was nice. Then I had a bagel, some mac and cheese, and some coffee. And then I packed up the books in our bedroom... which is a small dent in the packing, but it's something.

What can I say about the last few days? Oh my. There's been a lot of stress. Mostly house-related, some relationship-related. But things are doing better now, and I've had the chance to relax, and hopefully Brian has to.

And babyface is enjoying his day with his auntie Dani, which is awesome. I hope he's not screaming about food or a nap or whatever... arg. I wish I could watch them, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of giving me some time to relax.

Although this does make me think about how much I could get done if he were away for three or four hours every weekday. And that makes me feel kind of bad. Sigh.

* * *

Last night, I fell in love with John Lee Hooker. This is a revelation.

And I decided a few days ago that we need to listen to music more often. So we will.

* * *

Things I've found in the trash lately:
-high chair
-a Graco Chauffer stroller
-a Graco DuoGlider stroller
-a Combi stroller (this is the one we're using now)
-a working CD player

The day I found the high chair, we were going to go out that night and buy one. The day I found the CD player, I'd been thinking a few minutes before, "It'd be nice to have a CD player in the bathroom, to listen to while we're in the bath." And boom!... there was a CD player. It was awesome.

* * *

In the last few days, Elijah has tried:
-pho (so-so)
-avocado (not so good)
-yoghurt (more more more!)
-chocolate icecream (just a tiny taste)
-mac and cheese (okay-ish)

* * *

I'm uploading a lot of pictures to Picasa, I'll post a link and/or some shots soon.

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