Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bathtime for Mama

I know I won't post every day. I know I will flake out. But maybe if I allow myself to post as randomly as I feel like posting--even if that's multiple times in one day--maybe I'll stay interested.

So here I am, sitting in the bath while Brian takes care of the boy and Kacy makes dinner. My puppy, my only boy for eight years before Elijah came along, is lying on the floor, staring at me through his matted fringe, and begging to not have a bath. He's not getting one, but he apparently doesn't understand that right now.

The poor dog hasn't been groomed in over eight months. The fact of baby has driven all other priorities away, and I cannot get anything done reliably except nursing and diapering. And so my mop of a dog is lying there looking miserable. But! Kacy to the rescue again; he'll be going home with her on Sunday, to go to her vet and get shaved... and he'll come back to me a whole new dog. So here's a before picture:

And now it's time for me to stare blankly at the mindless trashy teen novel I'm reading now, because that is all I have the brainpower for.

There may or may not be pictures of dinner later (baked spaghetti, salad and bread... the babyface will love every bit of it, I'm sure).

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