Friday, May 22, 2009

Date Night Thursday

Baby was along for date night tonight. He spent the day freaking out if I even turned around, let alone went out of the room, so we decided to not risk leaving him without me for the evening. No sense making him even more scared than he already was.

What else went on today? Sigh. My brain is fried, and it's late.

Let's go chronologically for Thursday:
-wake up
-cuddle baby in hopes he'll go back to sleep
-no luck, get up
-baby screams if mama turns around
-baby screams while mama gets breakfast ready and daddy changes him
-breakfast (baby giggles in stroller next to table, chewing a breadstick)

-daddy leaves for work
-mama and baby play in playpen and watch House (baby screams if mama turns around and sobs if she leaves the room)
-mama and baby nap for two hours

-mama still is exhausted
-baby is not in better mood
-baby sits in playpen and eats breadstick while mama eats pasta and cries to daddy on the phone
-mama tells aunt Marcy that it's time for a high chair. Marcy advises going and buying one. Mama agrees that this should be tonight's course of action.
-mama, baby, and dogs go for walk (and call Grandmere)
-mama, baby, and dogs find that a high chair has been left out for the trash, 1/4mi from home. commence bafflement.
-mama spends a a few yards trying to figure out how to roll the stroller and the high chair without losing the dogs
-baby gets upset and wants to be out of stroller and in mama's arms
-cute neighbour man notices plight of the coyote and helps carry the high chair to the apartment

-baby screams in playpen while mama cleans highchair
-mama and baby share an orange
-mama and baby share an Everything Bagel with oven-melted butter
-mama and baby settle down to nurse
-baby naps a little bit

-daddy gets home
-mama hides in the shower with a book for a while
-mama, daddy, and baby go to one of the myriad local pho places for charbroiled beef with vermicelli, and really good fresh lemonade (and pho, but it was funnier that way)
-baby enjoys noodles (pics later)
-lots of people exclaim over how cute baby is
-baby makes a huge mess with noodles
-mama cleans up noodley mess
-mama, daddy, and baby explore a dollar store
-mama, daddy, and baby explore the baby store (for baby toys and clothes, not babies)

-mama, daddy, and baby come home
-mama escapes to take the dogs outside... baby screams
-baby bathtime!

-bedtime (cuddles, nursing, and the Sisters of Mercy)
-baby is asleep by 11:45pm

And so now I'm writing this post. I should be attempting to sleep. I need as much sleep as I can get... but I also needed to write.

Tomorrow: backdated for Moe's Wednesday, and more pictures.

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