Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brittle things break before they turn...

Feeling kinda burnt out tonight, although today was a good day. We had an excellent dinner of baked potato soup (store-bought, but still very tasty) in bread bowls, with tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella as a side. I am out of balsamic vinegar, though, so it was a little bland with only olive oil and salt. But pretty tasty anyway. And dessert was mango with lime and salt. I am quite sated, food-wise, at the moment.

Elijah LOVED the mango, he kept fussing for more, and shoving it all in his mouth and going "ahh ahh ahh". Very cute.


I want to write some short articles to go on places like EZ Articles and HubPages and Squidoo. Anyone have any suggestions on what sort of things to write?


Today was a migraine day, from about 2pm till 8pm or so. There was little aura, and some joint pain. My migraines are so different than they used to be . . . it's very odd, and I think it's going to be time for some doctors' visits and official diagnosis soon.


Real Life Imitates Terrifying Pixar Movie - weeeird... but cute? or scary...

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