Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I think we're falling into a rhythm we can all three live with. Elijah and I have been getting up either just before or just after Brian leaves for work, and then we hang out for a while in the living room, Elijah playing in his playpen, me eating cereal and dealing with the morning's email and, today, poking through blog promotion sites and wondering whether I can be awesome enough to participate in blog communities and talk to other bloggers and connect, despite fear of being completely uninteresting.

Was that one long run-on sentence? That right there should prove why I'm not awesome enough for that.

Oh well. My constant fallback excuse--it's my blog and I'll do what I want ;)

9:48am - Elijah just this moment took TWO steps across the middle of the playpen! He's only taken one at a time until now :D


Elijah was getting fussy, but we can't go out walking yet--we're waiting for the plumber to arrive. So I turned on Moulin Rouge... when the lights and music started, he giggled and bounced and waved his arms at the tv :)



Dinner is in the crock pot, and for that I am proud of myself.

Whole chicken, stuffed with jowl bacon, onion, celery, butter. Put in the crock pot on top of potatoes. Some water. Salt. Pepper. 7 hours on low.

We'll see :)


I think I have a new addiction.

Stuff StumbleUpon showed me today:
TasteSpotting - WOW!
ReadPrint - free classics ebooks
The Size of Our World - the size of Earth relative to other things in the universe... pretty cool
CookingByNumbers - this is pretty awesome.
Let's Be Friends
Cut Up Machine
WikiSky - This is difficult to explain... just check it out.


Noon - Naptime. Do I get to sleep, too? No, because the plumber isn't here yet. Although... the bed looks awfully inviting...


2:30pm - Still no plumber. And no call from plumber? Ah, well. Time for food and a long walk now, I think.


Elijah is watching the Baby Sign video--actually paying attention to it. I don't know why it's so hard for me to remember to do the signs... I suppose it's that consistancy is always a problem for me :p

But I'm going to try.

-"all done"




Hehehehe some guy who is doing work for a security company just came to the door and in the course of the conversation he said that he does contractor work on the side, "with some Hispanics". He talked about that a bit, and then I said, "Do you have proof of paying taxes on that?" and he said, "Taxes? Hell no! It's all under the table." And Brian burst out laughing.

And did not say that he works for the IRS ;)

And when the guy said his name and held out his hand, Brian said, "Brian." the guy held his hand to me, I said, "Coyote." he said "Nuh-uh o.o" I said, "Cherokee." as if I answer that question all the time. And he was in awe.



Time to lie down and nurse the boy off to sleep. He was cranky from about 5pm onwards, but refused to sleep until we were outside walking in the dark, with him all snug in the Moby Wrap. To my amazement, getting him out of the Moby Wrap and lying down to nurse didn't wake him up until his head actually touched the mattress. Then he wouldn't open his eyes, just scrunch up his face and whine until I laid down next to him and he found the nipple.

Hopefully he will sleep well tonight.

Goodnight, all.


Yonyilsonyee said...

Hello, thank you very much for dropping by to my blog..

I kinda needed so boost to my blogging interest..hehe...thanks by the way..

Mama Coyote said...

Thanks for checking out my blog too :D

Mukund said...

I feel the way you write in blog is pretty simple and very easy to understand. Hope, you don't more addicted due to stumble upon. Lol!

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Anonymous said...

Its very interesting to read about your life. Keep it coming.

MJ said...

wow congratulations! It must really be a joy to see your kid walk :D

Mama Coyote said...

Thanks everyone!! I love comments... and I'm checking out your blogs now :)