Sunday, July 5, 2009

Most life-saving meal this weekend: A McDonalds cheeseburger Happy Meal with fries and chocolate milk. OMG that chocolate milk was what I needed right then.

We have been to IKEA three days in a row. We have two Billy bookcases, a Benno DVD case, an Expedit 5x5 shelf system, three black shoe storage bins, a tube thing for Elijah to play with, babyproofing items, rails to hang kitchen things from, and and and... so much stuff.

We've also been to Salvation Army, yard sales, Craigslist sellers, and Bottom Dollar Food. We have chickens, a ham, tortillas, pork skins, broccoli, bananas. A computer armoire, an IKEA coffee table, candles, baskets, plushies for Elijah (given to him for free by the yard sale people), a toy hammock, magazines, clothes.

We've done so much shopping this weekend, and so much assembly-of-stuff. I feel like we got an amazing amount of stuff done, but also like I've done nothing. Ahh, perfectionism.

Tomorrow I need to get back to--
-cleaning the kitchen
-making food
-doing laundry
-walking the dogs
-shining the sink
-tidying Elijah's room at night
-organizing stuff


So tired.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll write about being overwhelmed by the things I need to do, rather than doing the things I need to do.

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